DAMMORE, a simple and secure cloud based digital asset and learning management system from eBEYONDS


In this fast-moving digital era, it is the digital assets that will drive your company to the next level. DAMMORE, an Integrated and Cloud-based Digital Asset Management platform, is designed to simply manage, organize and secure your digital assets. DAMMORE was designed to reduce the complexities of managing and sharing your digital content through conventional means through a central library where you can store, edit, reproduce, share and protect your valuable digital assets, ultimately converting them into a revenue source for your organization.

As a SaaS-based solution, DAMMORE needs minimum training and IT infrastructure investment, with minimum need for IT support, storage, security or repeated upgrades yet provide 24/7 accessibility to your valuable digital assets from anywhere in the world.

DAMMORE is more than a place to store your digital files; it is a tool to help your organization reach the next level.

Key Features of DAMMORE

DAMMORE consist of a collection of key features including an interactive dashboard with a user-friendly interface; a sophisticated user management system which allows user registration, user profile management, regulating users and user activities and folder assignment; an activity notification stream; report generation ability and a message box for easy communication. DAMMORE can be easily customized and themed to suit your organization for a unique touch.

  • Interactive Dashboard to access the most widely used features & sections with great ease and convenience
  • Ensure smoother management of users with different roles and different permission levels across the platform
  • Effectively communicate with all the users and user groups across the whole platform through an integrated communication system
  • Allow users to get registered and open new accounts in a simpler & easier way
  • Edit, update & manage user profiles ensuring the accuracy of user information
  • Receive notifications on the latest user registrations and the likes and alerts on different user activities on the platform
  • Add customized themes to the platform in keeping with your business requirements
  • Access a set of reports & statistics on the user behavior throughout the system on a daily, weekly or monthly basis